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Zombie Kittens

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Zombie Kittens is still the highly strategic, kitty-powered version of Russian Roulette that you love, but it introduces a brand new deck of cards so that your game doesn’t end just because you blow up. Only living players can win the game, but dead players now get to keep the cards in their hands when they explode. They also get to play certain cards to torment the living players. And they can even come back from the dead to win the game. Zombie Kittens can be played by itself or can be combined with Exploding Kittens. -Play Zombie Kittens by itself with up to 5 players or combine with any other version of Exploding Kittens to unlock a mega game for up to 9 players -61 original cards with brand new illustrations -Family-friendly, quick-to-learn, easy-to-play party game -15 minutes to play

Características Principais
Nº de Jogadores 2 a 5
Idade Mínima Recomendada 7 Anos
Mínimo de Jogadores 2
Máximo de Jogadores 5
Tempo Médio Jogo 0 - 15 Minutos
Tipo Jogo de Família
Idioma Inglês
ID Produto 2552581
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