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With their incomparable sound experience, high wearing comfort and innovative design, the headphones are perfect for every musician, sound engineer, podcaster, filmmaker or streamer - and of course for everyone who is passionate about listening to music.

Ideal for everyday professional use: A natural sound is particularly important in the studio - whether for monitoring, mixing or mastering. The NTH-100 is designed precisely to deliver a colourless and balanced sound: on the one hand, through the pair-selected neodymium drivers, and on the other hand, through constant contact pressure on the ears. It also offers very effective passive noise cancellation.

Maximum wearing comfort: The ear and headband pads, covered with luxurious and breathable Alcantara, ensure a particularly high level of wearing comfort. Practical for longer sessions: The ergonomic ear cups contain an innovative CoolTech™ gel that pleasantly cools the ears. For an optimal fit, the ear cups can be moved precisely on the headband and fixed in place with RØDE's innovative FitLok™ closure.

Robust, durable, flexible: The NTH-100 is a robust everyday companion thanks to its spring steel headband and is also perfect for on the go. The cable can be connected on both sides, which offers additional flexibility. In addition, both the cushion and the cable can be easily replaced.

Características Principais
Frequência 5 Hz - 35 kHz
Impedância 32 Ohm
Conectividade 3.5 mm
Sensores 110 dB
ID Produto 2510915
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