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Auscultador Pro K-371 Studio AKG

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The AKG K371 is a closed, ear-enclosing headphone for live and studio use. It was developed especially for musicians, producers, YouTuber and podcaster. Two particularly strong 50 mm drivers provide for highest acoustic precision. Music sounds dynamic and rich in detail due to its high efficiency.

The wide frequency response from 5 Hz to 40 kHz covers all frequencies in the audible range. Thanks to its neutral reproduction, music productions can be easily evaluated and mixed.The oval foam ear cushions fit ergonomically perfectly to the shape of the head. The closed design optimally reduces external noise. This avoids crosstalk in instrument and song recordings.The K371 is comfortable to wear for a long time thanks to its padded headband and soft ear cushions. More heavily loaded components such as the headband and hinges are reinforced with metal and give the headphones reliable stability.

The headphones can be folded together in a space-saving way for transport.Low impedance and high sensitivity also provide high volume and powerful sound on mobile devices. The headphone cable is guided on one side and can be plugged in (Mini XLR). It can be easily replaced, depending on the application. A spiral cable, two straight cables as well as an adapter from 3.5 mm to 6.5 mm jack are already included in the delivery.

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Acessórios Instrumentos Auscultador
Marcas Instrumentos AKG
Microfone Integrado Não
ID Produto 2428601
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